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X-FAB project // Cooling tower modernization

News I 17 Aug, 2023

The company X-FAB from Erfurt has been operating a cooling tower system with a capacity of 18 MW since 1988. This has now been renewed. Since recently, the microchip manufacturer has been working with a state-of-the-art cooling tower system.
EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH and its sister company HI Bauprojekt GmbH accompanied the project of a new replacement from planning to construction management to the recent acceptance without defects. The rebuild was carried out during ongoing operation and stretched from1st of December 2021 to the overall acceptance on the 6th of June 2023.
The plant is equipped with several improvements that increase efficiency and performance.
Better water hygiene: The new design eliminates dead zones and allows the draining of idle cooling tower cells. Continuous movement of water masses and protection from solar radiation reduce the risk of germs.
Energy efficiency: The use of energy-efficient fans with variable speed control and adaptation to higher outside temperatures minimizes power consumption. Lowering the cooling water supply temperature helps reduce energy demand for the cooling tower system and downstream chillers.

Control optimization: Better six-cell partitioning and advanced sliding control for fans provide more precise control and fine-tuning of cooling water temperature and optimized performance throughout the system.
Noise reduction: By selecting low-noise components and fans and integrating insulating elements against water impact noise, a low noise impact is achieved. This, together with the design of a low-noise water flow system, results in significantly reduced noise emissions while complying with current requirements.
Increased plant availability: The division into six cells improves reliability, while smart consideration of maintenance aspects simplifies servicing.
Another successful project, realized through an outstanding cooperation between X-FAB, EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH and HI-Bauprojekt GmbH.