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We are familiar with the properties of the substances handled and the corresponding design of the plants. Our current product portfolio has grown during our many years of experience. A project progresses by us understanding and identifying ourselves with our partners tasks.

Our service specializes in customized engineering: We work out individual solutions for individual requirements based on the process concept. This is because the designs of special chemicals plants differ greatly on account of the diversity of the particular products they produce.

We distinguish between

  • Monoproduct plants and multiproduct plants
  • Single and multi-stage syntheses
  • Equipment for a specific product and
    applications with changing products
  • Production capacities of a few 100 kg/a (for fine chemicals
    and active pharmaceutical ingredients) and capacities
    running up to several 10,000 t/a (for special basic constituents).
  • Parameters ranging normally from -100 °C to +600 °C,
    and from 1 bar(g) to +250 bar(g)
  • The use of materials ranging from stainless steel
    to glass, and from steel/enamel to Hastelloy.

We are able to draw on our very extensive and specific
experience gained from implementing projects for the
widest variety of product groups

  • Cleanser constituents, such as tensides (alkyl ether sulphate), builders (polycarboxylate), foaming agents (coconut betaine)
  • Fragrances (monocyclic monoterpenes, anisaldehyde, hydroxycitronellal, dimethylheptenol)
  • Monomers for special polymers (such as norbornene for cycloolefinic copolymers, hydroxybenzoic acid for liquid-crystal polymers, and bisphenol TMC for polycarbonates)
  • Polymer modification (thermoplastic melamine resin), characterized by reactive extrusion from the resin solution
  • Chain initiators (azo compounds)
  • Components for manufacturing liquid crystals (for example phenyldioxane) or organic light-emitting diodes (for example benzidine), characterized by multistage synthesis control with distillative ultra-fine purification
  • Components for replication (imaging, titanylphthalocyanine)
  • Synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (cytostatics, steroid hormones, antiepileptics, analgesics, antidotes and protective group chemicals)
  • Functionalized hydrocarbons (dimethyl ether formed by the dehydration of methanol)
  • Synthetic rubber (SBR, mercaptobenzothiazol – a vulcanization accelerator ), characterized by a variable modular plant structure
  • Phthalate-free plasticizer (dioctyl terephthalate – an all-purpose plasticizer)
  • Polyacrylate adhesive compounds (acrylic acid/acrylic-acid ester)
  • Pharmaceutical excipients (sodium stearyl fumarate – a mould-release agent, polyacrylate – a thixotropic liquid separating agent)
  • Synthesis of active biological ingredients (glyphosphate herbicide, selenomethionine fodder additive, chlorocholine chloride phytohormones)
  • Fertilizer modification (nitrification inhibitors, soil conditioners)
  • Electrode pastes for lithium ion batteries, printing ink pigments,characterized by the finest dispersion of the active constituents
  • Solar grade silicon based on monosilane (disproportionation of trichlorosilane and fluidized-bed conversion of silicon tetrachloride),characterized by multistage rectifications at temperatures down to -100 °C (monosilane)
  • Recycling coolants (catalytic hydrodechlorination)
  • Modification of waxes (montan waxes, special high melting point waxes, dispersions)
  • Catalytic lignite cracking (recovery of pyrolytic coke, olefins, benzene-toluene-xylenes), IBI research project,characterized by the disproportionation of lignite to form the target product groups

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