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EPC Engineering & Technologies „Job Offer Letter“ Scam

News I 9 Jan, 2024

Currently, people from the USA are being contacted regarding job offers that allegedly come from EPC.
The wording in this e-mail is as followed: EPC Engineering & Technologies is pleased to offer you the position of a Data Entry/Administrative
Assistant for our organization. We are excited about the potential that you bring to our company.

These letters are a scam! Our company logo is abusively used on these letters. In the first step, people were contacted via e-mail with an attached document of an employment contract / jo offer letter for the position as: DATA ENTRY CLERK/ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE
In the next step, the scammers try to get your contact and account information in a Signal or Zoom video call.

EPC is not responsible for these letters and contents.

Please be careful and do not reply to these letters.