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Technologies from EPC give the best PAN precursor qualities.

PAN fibers have been spun since 1941. These fibers were mainly used in the textile industry for making clothing and household textiles under the brand names Orlon and Dralon. Nowadays, PAN fibers are used not only to produce textiles but also in many different ways as a raw material for the production of carbon fiber. Together with pitch and viscose, PAN is the main fiber that can be processed on a large-scale to produce carbon fibers with the widest range of properties.

Both established carbon fiber producers, and newcomers that restrict themselves to the last stage – the production of carbon fibers, have to battle with the inconsistent qualities of the PAN precursors available in the market. One problem for carbon fiber producers is the shortage of high-quality precursors, the other is the variable quality of the various precursors available on the market.

In order to run a plant cost-effectively, it is essential to obtain PAN precursors with consistently high qualities as a raw material for the production of carbon fibers. This is especially the case for the carbon fibers used in high-performance composite materials for the aerospace industry, Formula 1 and high-performance mechanical engineering

Best PAN precursor qualities.
With technologies from EPC.

As is generally known, each fiber plant is unique, and requires specific, precisely determined setting parameters in order to turn out high-quality products. It may therefore be necessary to adapt the quality of the precursor precisely to the requirements of the downstream carbon fiber plant. This is practically impossible in non-integrated production plants, for which the precursors are bought in. The EPC Group has therefore conducted a lot of research to develop a self-contained plant system.

The experts in the EPC Group have developed tailor-made, integrated production concepts. They run from the PAN polymerization, through making the dope and spinning to produce the PAN precursor, to the final carbon fiber. Our complete concept integrates quality-relevant ancillary plants, such as solvent recovery and utility preparation, as well as the appropriate, high-quality handling of intermediate and end products.

This holistic approach enables synergies and interconnections to be used to achieve efficient energy consumption. It also enables our customers to optimize their entire process, and produce a high yield of high-quality fibers continuously. End-to-end quality assurance is also ensured from the AN raw material through to the individual carbon fiber spool. This is an important selection criterion for high end applications, and can become a unique selling point for our customer.

As we know that such a complex production plant cannot be commissioned and run without professional assistance, we support our customers closely until the planned product quality is attained.

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Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

EPC‘s patented variPLANT® melt trans-esterification process with multiple finisher lines for simultaneous production of different PC grades
WiWo GlobalMarketLeader FutureChampion2022 EPC Engineering Technologies GmbH

Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

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