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With its new cooperation partner Pontes Pabuli, EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH offers an innovative process for phosphorus recovery.

This novel technology offers a sustainable and at the same time economical solution for the 2017 statutory fertilizer regulation. According to this, the operators of sewage treatment plants (usually municipal companies) are obliged to recover phosphorus from sewage sludge and return it to the material cycle by 2032 at the latest.

In the process, phosphate is extracted and recovered from incineration ash, from which high-quality fertilizer is then produced. This standard fertilizer enriched with sewage sludge ash has a large sales market and generates calculable revenues. In addition, the Pontes Pabuli process convinces with low process costs through efficient use of energy.

As EPC, we work as an exclusive license partner with various companies, that have developed different and innovative means to improve the soil and the harvest.

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