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Our high level of detailed knowledge for your specific customer request. Polymers and fibers are still on the advance. The aerospace and automotive industries, wind power, mountain bikes, and Formula 1 all require speed, precision and strength, which places very high demands on weight, material and processing. Our team has been working for decades on the remarkable polymeric chemical compounds that are used as starting materials to make high-performance fibers. This is because polymers and fibers have individual and unique properties that are very modifiable. For this reason, the EPC Group regards polymer and fiber production plants as being very important. We are continually researching the possibilities of widening the uses of existing polymers and their modified forms.

We develop innovative ideas for our customers, which our experts implement both in customized new plants and in the most cost-effective, tailor-made plant revamps. The planning and commissioning of each polymer and fiber plant are precisely tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. The decades of experience of our engineers enable them to provide an extensive range of services and exploit many different synergies. EPC specialists combine a high level of detailed knowledge with their own research and development activities to develop proprietary processes and technologies. Our experts’ detailed knowledge also helps those customers who would like to implement their own ideas – for example in existing plants – to meet the future demands of changing markets. Intelligent solutions for the widest range of polymer modifications and spun-dyed products. Both wet spinning and melt spinning processes are used to produce the fibres from a range of different polymers. The experts in the EPC Group are experienced in the design and operation of such plants for both processes.

The EPC Group mainly uses wet spinning processes for spinning PAN, viscose (cellulose carbamate) and Lyocell. The portfolio of the EPC Group for melt-spun polymers includes the polymers: PET, PA6, PA6.6 and PP. Support can also be provided for a number of special products, such as PTT, PEN and PLA. These fibres are used in the textile industry, in technical applications, such as airbags, parachutes, vehicle tyres, advertising banners, truck tarpaulins, etc., as well as for special applications, such as composite materials in the carbon fibre industry. The yarns are produced either as continuous-filaments or in cut form as staple fibres, which are cut to lengths appropriate for the particular applications.

The engineers in the EPC Group offer their customers a wide range of support. This ranges from consulting services to optimise or revamp a plant, or to make it capable of producing other products. This may simply involve designing the layout of polymer pipes with EPC’s own Polymer pipe program or entail taking overall responsibility for production complexes: from the polymerisation to the further processing stages, such as fabrics and dipped tyre cord. Our experts can take synergies from other areas of our product portfolio, such as compounding PC for the automotive industry, to offer our customers solutions for the widest range of polymer modifications and spun-dyed products by retrofitting existing plants. We can also provide our customers with expert assistance for the implementation of their own ideas and technologies. For example bringing pilot plants up to production scale.

Our technologies for polymers
and fibers at a glance




Expanded Polystyrene

(EPS) Recycling


rPET / PET-Recycling


Polyester / PET / PET-G / PBT


Polyacrylnitril (PAN)


Viskose (CarbaCell)






Test and pilot plants


We plan for you
polymer and fiber

Your product is not listed here? Contact us!
We have the right solution for every challenge.

  • Polymerisation plants
  • Extraction plants
  • Post-condensation systems
  • Compounding plants
  • Recycling plants
  • Spinning plants
    (z.B. HM, HMLS)
  • Carbonation plants
  • Texturing and
    weaving plants
  • Product handling,
    and Storage systems
  • Ancillary facilities
  • Polyester – PET, PET-G,
    PBT, PEN
  • PAN, Carbon Fasern
  • Polycarbonat
  • Polystyrol – EPS,
  • Lyocell Fasern
  • Polyamid, wie z.B. PA6
    und PA6.6
  • Copolymeren
  • Polyvinylchlorid
  • Biopolymere
  • Spezialpolymere
  • Masterbatch

We offer you innovative technology and know-how

Your product is not listed here? Contact us! We have the right solution for every challenge.


This revolutionary, patented new design provides a high quality polycarbonate polymer and a highly efficient energy balance based on comparatively low investment costs. Our tailor-made plant design enables a high degree of process automation. The patented EPC reactor design enables variable capacities, precise adjustment of the MFI and the simultaneous production of polycarbonates with different properties.

variPLANT ® PC


Tailored revamping / debottlenecking to maximize the efficiency of existing PET polycondensation plants with minimal investment. This could also come into play with product changes, such as from textile to bottle PET, with alternative raw materials such as DMT or PTA, or when reducing additive consumption.

Thanks to its many years of experience in engineering, the EPC Group has succeeded in developing a system for designing pipelines for high-viscosity polymers. This ensures less product damage and optimizes the quality of the end product. It is used to convert plants, e.g. to increase capacity, connect additional production plants or change the polymer composition.

variPIPE ®

 inside PET®

Operating software for fully automatic plant operation and quality control for plants with the innovative EPC polyester process.

efficient and cost-effective extraction process for polyamide



the modular color spinning system for POY and FDY


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