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As a member of the German Lyocell Alliance, the EPC Group can offer its customers turnkey solutions for environmentally friendly, economically sustainable Lyocell production plants. The Lyocell Alliance offers the opportunity of producing Lyocell for both textiles and technical applications, such as the raw material for carbon fiber production.

Lyocell fibers have already been produced for some time as an alternative to viscose fibers. However, these fibers have never reached the mass markets that viscose has. Its specific properties and the additives made possible by the production process of the German Lyocell Alliance open up a wide range of special applications for this fiber.

The development engineers in the EPC Group are mainly concentrating on developing a wide range of staple fiber applications.

It’s possible that this technology could also be used to make continuous textile filaments, but EPC does not think that the current market volume is big enough. However, we are prepared to discuss this development in more detail with our customers on request.

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Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

EPC‘s patented variPLANT® melt trans-esterification process with multiple finisher lines for simultaneous production of different PC grades

Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

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