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Revolutionary patented new design ensures a top-quality polymer.

Polycarbonate (PC) has been showing its absolutely inexhaustible potential for innovations for over 50 years. New applications for this plastic come onto the market every year. Polycarbonates are often used in the production of high-tech products on account of their very good physical properties, such as low weight, temperature resistance and impact strength, as well as their brillant brightness and colorless, transparent appearance.

Of the two conventional processes, EPC has chosen the environmentally friendlier and less risky phosgene-free production path. This revolutionary patented new design ensures a top-quality polymer accompanied by a highly efficient energy balance on the foundation of comparably low investment costs. Our tailor-made plant design enables a high degree of process control to be achieved. The patented EPC reactor design facilitates variable capacities, precise setting of the MFI, and the simultaneous production of polycarbonates with different properties.

The EPC Group presents the 3nd generation of
Polycarbonate manufacturing technology

The EPC Group already set new milestones in the first generation of polycarbonate production technology: A revolutionary and patented design was introduced to ensure the production of a high-quality polymer. EPC’s holistic view of the process led to an optimal energy balance and comparably low investment costs.

EPC is proud to present the 3nd generation of environmentally friendly technology. This includes an impressive series of fine-tuning and optimization steps to further develop the continuous production of high-quality polymer.

The 3nd Generation” at a glance



Process simplification due to existing reliability in process vapor management



New vacuum generation through multi-stage jets and intelligent condensation processes


Faster and more efficient

Process simplification due to existing reliability in process vapor management


More diverse

Advanced In-
Line process control

more EPCs
Technologies &


Phosgene-free EPC technology for the production of polycarbonate

Above all, the efficiency of the system is made up of many components that are part of the process developed by EPC.

The handling of phosgene requires a great deal of effort and poses serious risks to humans and the environment. EPC therefore relies on the phosgene-free process. The phosgene-free EPC technology for the production of polycarbonate noticeably relieves nature and the environment: the by-products produced can be almost completely reused in the production of raw materials – this means that the waste water produced is not contaminated and can be fed directly into normal waste water treatment (sewage treatment plants). In addition, in the event of any malfunctions, there are usually no emissions with negative environmental influences.


Fully automatic operating software EPC insidePET®

Quality control for polyester plants

EPC insidePET® is an operating software developed by EPC for fully automatic plant operation and quality control for plants with the innovative EPC polyester process. Fluctuations in the quality of the raw materials are compensated for with EPC insidePET®. With existing plants, the uniformity of the end products is significantly improved by the comprehensive and intelligent process control. We offer EPC insidePET® as an independent solution or in combination with process optimization and capacity increase, our proven EPC PETvantage® technology.

Economic and qualitative advantages of EPC insidePET®:

  • Reducing waste and off-spec
    products by more than 80%
  • More flexible raw material purchasing possible, independence from fluctuations in raw material quality
  • Constant plant operation and control make an increase in capacity possible
  • More stable product quality

Intelligent plant design with EPC variPLANT®

EPC VARIPLANT® is a flexible plant concept for polymer production.

Among other things, we use it in the planning and development of polycarbonate systems. With this continuous process technology, the EPC Group offers you – starting with the reactor system, a process-optimized rectification and modern vacuum system through to efficient process control – a sustainable plant design as well as time- and cost-efficient project management from a single source.

EPC VARIPLANT® gives you
the following competitive advantages:

  • high production flexibility

  • consistent product quality at the highest level

  • highest system availability

  • Realization of economy-of-scale effects

  • compact system design

  • high degree of automation / most modern process control
    with EPC insicePC®

  • efficient technology in terms of energy and resource consumption

  • eco-friendly design, accordingly
    the requirements of the EU standards

  • Circular economy modules to the maximum
    Recovery of process energies


PET plant expansion and optimization with EPC PETvantage®

In the course of the usual life cycle of an industrial plant of 40 to 50 years, it is constantly being rebuilt, modernized and optimized: EPC PETvantage® is a patented, customer-oriented and needs-based revamping (= modernization) / debottlenecking (= elimination of bottlenecks) to maximize your plant profitability minimum conversion effort and shortest downtimes. EPC PETvantage® is the most cost-effective alternative to investing in new equipment. Depending on the system configuration, the return on investment usually occurs in less than 2 years. In most cases, the main reactors do not need to be replaced. The operational safety, product qualities and production capacities increase many times over, depending on the basic design of the system and the spatial possibilities on site.

EPC PETvantage® is extremely profitable, especially in terms of quality assurance and thus competitiveness:

  • Plant conversion to alternative raw materials or production of novel polymers

  • Conversion from textile to PET bottles

  • Flexibility through polymer modification for specialty production

  • Flexibility to direct spinning for the production of fiber and filament yarn specialties

  • Reduction of consumption of input materials


EPS loop recycling technology

A recycling that pays off.

EPS Loop is a highly efficient process of removing impurities. Developed in cooperation with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, you receive a highly pure PS recyclate as an end product from your EPS waste – with almost no turbidity. Various coordinated cleaning steps, such as the use of solvents and special filtration, efficiently remove the impurities. The end product is a highly pure and odorless PS granulate with a major economic advantage on the market: Compared to conventional recycling processes, the PS recyclate from the EPS loop process achieves better prices than other recyclates due to its high level of purity.

WiWo GlobalMarketLeader FutureChampion2022 EPC Engineering Technologies GmbH

Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

EPC‘s patented variPLANT® melt trans-esterification process with multiple finisher lines for simultaneous production of different PC grades
WiWo GlobalMarketLeader FutureChampion2022 EPC Engineering Technologies GmbH

Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

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