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Sugar refineries

Our production plants for sugar refineries and the sweetener industry are tailor-made to match customer requirements. We refine the raw materials – no matter whether sweet sorghum, sugar beet or sugar cane – to create high-quality products.

Our engineers combine their many years of experience of planning technical processes with innovative concepts to create a safe and reliable process, which is a very cost-effective and reliable solution for trouble-free plant operation.

Fermentation products

Products obtained by fermentation include bioethanol; organic, amino and acetic acids; as well as enzymes and antibiotics.

In addition to the production of bioethanol for use as a biofuel, the production of biogas and the brewery are counted among the focus of the fermentation industry.

We also plan complete industrial processing plants for the deep processing of molasses – which is formed as a byproduct in sugar refineries – to create a range of fermentation products. Fermentation plants cover all the stages, from the acceptance and processing of the substrate, through the fermentation, to the downstream processes and packaging.

The EPC Group applies the state-of-the-art technologies to plan and construct fermentation plants that conform to the requirements of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

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