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From the chemical formula to the finished plant


The layout of a plant depends on various constraints such as process requirements, number and arrangement of equipment, fire and explosion protection requirements, operation and maintenance concept, new or existing building, open or closed architecture, etc. 

EPC is able to develop the optimal layout of the plant and to meet the specific requirements of the customer. This applies to new plant construction as well as to plant expansions and revamp projects.

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Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

EPC‘s patented variPLANT® melt trans-esterification process with multiple finisher lines for simultaneous production of different PC grades

Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

Services provided by EPC
• Process Technology
• Engineering Package
• Key Equipment delivery
• FAT Quality Control
• Supervision of Installation, Pre-Commissioning and
• Recipe Development
• Product Optimization

Tailormade Solutions

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