Strong partnership with NOVIHUM

EPC extends technology portfolio by a novel manufacturing process for soil enhancers

News I 12 Jul, 2021

Sustainable fertilizer for the world: The Dortmund-based company Novihum Technologies GmbH is committed to improving the soil. The highly innovative process patented by NOVIHUM produces a worldwide unique soil enhancing permanent humus granulate from lignite and other additives. This increases the agricultural yield enormously and is therefore a valuable and long-term solution for feeding the world population.

EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH already supported NOVIHUM® during the development phase by providing engineering services and turnkey manufacturing of the pilot plant. With the addition of the NOVIHUM®  technology to the product portfolio of EPC, this partnership is now being strategically expanded.

“Through the partnership with Novihum® we can offer our customers from all over the world an unique solution in the field of soil improvement technologies,” explains Jens Henkel, Managing Director of EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH. “With the granulate the ideal humus content and the optimal carbon / nitrogen ratio can be achieved for each soil type. Even light or leached and dry soils are thus provided with the optimal conditions for particularly high-yielding cultivation”.

The pilot plant of Novihum Technologies GmbH is located in Dortmund. Since 2016 this plant produces 1,000 tons of the humus granulate annually. It has since then been used in agriculture, which again showed that NOVIHUM significantly increases the fertility of the soil, lets it keep moisture much longer and ultimately increases the harvest yield enormously. Especially under stress conditions as in the last dry years the results are very convincing. The planning activities for the first large-scale plant with a capacity of up to 100,000 tons per year have already been completed. EPC Engineering & Technologies offers worldwide turnkey plant construction for this project.

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