concrete parts

Quick assembly without time-consuming shuttering work.


EPC Pre-
fabricated concrete parts

Prefabricated concrete parts offer many advantages as they are factory-made. The high-quality of the concrete parts is ensured by the use of our plant technology, in which constant manufacturing conditions play a major role.

The parts are produced in the factory throughout the year, totally protected from the weather. The prefabricated parts are manufactured in standardized battery moulds in a floor area that is small for the large mould contact areas involved. The simple, robust structure of the battery moulds means that highly resistant, high static load, highly soundproof and very versatile prefabricated parts can be produced with minimal mould set-up costs. The shorter concreting and compaction times, together with the simple operation, mean that a high production capacity can be expected in our designed plants.

The advantages of industrially produced, prefabricated elements are coming increasingly to the fore because pre-assembly of the elements in a factory simplifies the construction of both simple and complex structures.

Quick assembly without time-consuming shuttering work, very smooth interior and exterior wall surfaces that can be painted without having to be plastered, play a key role. Pre-assembling the electrical cabling, sanitary piping, doors and windows in a factory brings even more advantages. Our special screw connectors are easy to assemble using just a torque wrench. The result is a precisely positioned connection, high strength positive and non-positive joints, and simple sealing of the elements.

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concrete parts

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