No delays despite the pandemic:

EPC starts up two polycarbonate
plants in Asia this year

News I 12 Jul, 2021

Despite COVID: Corona in defiance: EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH will commission no less than two plants for the production of phosgene-free polycarbonate this year. For this purpose, engineers and specialists have been sent to Zhoushan and Hainan, both islands in China, to ensure smooth commissioning on site.

“We worked with our customers to obtain special permits that allowed our employees to stay in the country longer than the usual 30 days,” explains Tim Henkel, managing director of EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH. “China itself has already been back to normal for several months, which means that our employees on site themselves experience hardly any restrictions.”

Both plants are equipped with EPC’s proprietary variPLANT® technology to produce 260,000 metric tons of phosgene-free polycarbonate. The plant on Zhoushan Island from customer Zhejiang Petroleum and Chemical (ZPC) was commissioned with the first two production lines in April.  In October, the plant on Hainan Island, which was contracted by Hainan Huasheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will follow.

You can find more information about EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH Polycarbonate Technology here.

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