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We build you a small scale version of your large-scale plant.


The EPC Group stands for innovative ideas and solutions. Our engineers‘ in-house developments and research projects with universities give us great potential for innovation. Together with our customers, we develop new processes for new products.

In recent years, EPC has designed and constructed a large number of research and pilot plants in various fields of application. The most recent example is demonstration EPC carbon fiber plant.

It offers completely new opportunities to get to know the possibilities of a large-scale plant. This new miniature version of a large-scale plant is ideal for spinning trials, recipe development, product optimization and, of course, personnel training.
You are welcome to visit our demonstration carbon fibre plant.

When it comes to „PAN polymerization“, this small plant uses our special reactor design to reproduce the exact operating conditions found in a large-scale plant.

It is also very easy to use all the conventional organic solvents in the „white line“ (spinning solution production and precursor spinning plant), and to arrange all the fiber aftertreatment stages in the same way as they are arranged in a large-scale plant – and so achieve comparable product qualities.

The specific advantages of carbon fiber oxidation and carbonization of our plant – frequently referred to as „black line“ – are not only precise air and temperature control but also an extremely consistent temperature profile across the width of the fibers. This is achieved by hot gas fans and surface heating in the LT furnace. In the HT furnace, the even temperature profile is achieved by forced circulation heating around the muffle.

Gives you the flexibility to test new formulations
and optimise additive consumption.

EPC variPILOT gives you the flexibility to test new formulations and optimise additive consumption. The quick simulation of new process parameters saves time, while any defective batches have no effect on the quality of your main production. Another advantage is the low consumption of raw and operating materials.

Choosing EPC variPILOT is a good decision. We examine the site, and specify the future location of your pilot plant before we configure it. We plan and construct your specific test plant in accordance with the conditions, the product parameters and your requirements. We deliver your variPILOT plant pre-assembled, so it can be quickly and easily installed and commissioned.

  • All the necessary ancillary plants and even a laboratory are available
  • Basic, detailed and turnkey engineering – all from one source
  • Flexibility to meet every degree of complexity of your customers‘ requests
  • High productivity with maximum variability of your production program
  • Longer campaigns with economical batch sizes (waste and intermediate products are minimised)
  • More economical than other comparable large extruder plants
  • Highly variable number of Variyarn® modules per spinning line, for example 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 20 spinning modules

Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

EPC‘s patented variPLANT® melt trans-esterification process with multiple finisher lines for simultaneous production of different PC grades

Polycarbonatanlage in Ningbo, China

Services provided by EPC
• Process Technology
• Engineering Package
• Key Equipment delivery
• FAT Quality Control
• Supervision of Installation, Pre-Commissioning and
• Recipe Development
• Product Optimization


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