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Polycarbonate polycondensation plant

EPC‘s patented variPLANT® melt trans-esterification process…

Sodium cyanide (NaCN) production plant

Design capacity of 40,000 t/a

Expansion of sodium cyanide (NaCN)

Production plant Capacity
of 30,000 t/a

Production plant for precast concrete

Concrete products
and concrete pipes

Multi-functional acrylate production lines

Twelve independent production lines for acrylates – up
to 200 raw materials possible

Construction of a High-Tech Production building

Or opto-electronical systems

Nano-graphite production plant

Up-scaling of a nano-graphite production plant…

Repurposing of production facilities

For the production of Li-Ion battteries​

Silicon, ingot and wafer factory

Incl. slurry handling system and utilities / auxiliary systems

Biodiesel plant

Production of 100,000 t/a – incl. warm press unit

Polycarbonate polycondensation plant

EPC‘s patented PC variPLANT® melt trans-esterification…

Multi-product plant for production of fine chemistry

Multiple parallel manufacturing plants

Scale-up centre Bielefeld (SCB)

Optimization and development of manufacturing processes…

Mono-product plant

With multi-product characteristics

11 Polymere-Faser Anlage

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Gluten, Ecolys, Citric Acid and Animal Feed Production Plant

With a higher proteine concentration (PMVK) from 120,000 t/a of wheat.

Repowering of thermal power station

Modernization of the plant technology

Containerized H2-production

Engineering & Assembling of a containerised H2 – Production Unit

L-Lysine and animal feed production plant

With a capacity of 80,000 t/a
of L-Lysine

Rapeseed oil refinery

Processing of rape seed from local cultivation…

Mixed feed production plant

Mixed feed of fatty acids and minerals…

Revamping polycondensation plants

Conversion from textile-grade PET chips production …

PET complex 1 - extension

Production of tire cord – approx. 30 million meters / year

Fertilizer / soil enhancer

Fertilizer / soil enhancer production facility


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