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EPC Engineering & Technologies signs cooperation agreement with Pontes Pabuli

News I 22 Jul, 2021

Conserve natural resources and use them efficiently: EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH offers with its new cooperation partner Pontes Pabuli an innovative process for phosphorus recovery. This novel technology offers a sustainable and at the same time economic solution for the 2017 statutory fertilizer regulation. According to this regulation, the operators of sewage treatment plants (usually municipal companies) are obliged to recover phosphorus from sewage sludge and return it to the material cycle by 2032 at the latest.

Pontes Pabuli with its sustainable process engineering solution forms a bridge between the previously lost nutrients in organic residues and the specific nutrient requirements from agriculture. In this process, phosphate is extracted from incineration ash and recovered, from which high-quality fertilizer is produced. This standard fertilizer enriched with sewage sludge ash has a large sales market and generates calculable revenues. Furthermore, the Pontes Pabuli process convinces with low process costs through efficient energy use.

„Sustainability has always been a core aspect of our business activities,“ explains Ulf Henkel, Managing Director of EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH. „With Pontes Pabuli we have found a partner who shares our vision of ‚green economy‘ and who can provide a technological process that enables us to put this vision into practice.

In recent years, EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH has increasingly engaged in strategic partnerships to expand its portfolio of innovative process technologies. This has transformed the company from a plant manufacturer and engineering service provider to a successful and globally recognized technology supplier. For the Pontes Pabuli process, EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH is the exclusive technology partner and offers not only the technology but also all planning work – from test trials with the customer’s material, to pre-engineering and commissioning of the turnkey plant.

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