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Solar power
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The sun as a source of energy. A photovoltaic or PV plant is a solar power plant that converts part of the solar radiation into electrical power. The solar collectors, also known as solar modules, are important components that are manufactured in solar factories.

Individual solar modules are connected in series according to the size and alignment of the plant. This arrangement summates the voltages of the individual modules. The modules are aligned so that they can trap the greatest possible quantities of light. In Germany, for example, they face south with an angle of inclination of between 30° and 55°. The plants can be designed to run on or off-grid. In on-grid plants, the direct current generated is converted to alternating current by inverters, and fed into the power grid. In off-grid photovoltaic plants, the energy is stored in accumulators.

The EPC Group constructs photovoltaic plants that enable its customer to generate and use electrical energy economically, and in an environmentally friendly way that reduces CO2 emissions. Under the German Energy Feed Act (EEG), the owner is paid for the electricity generated. As general contractor, the EPC Group advises, plans and constructs your rooftop or ground-mounted solar power systems. You are provided with all the services from one source, as we accompany you from the idea, planning and approval stages through to the construction and commissioning of the plant.

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