Innovative soil enhancer based on lignite


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The company Novihum Technologies GmbH uses lignite to produce a soil enhancer that can fertilize even driest soils. Its effectiveness has been proven in more than 400 individual tests with different crops and soil types with academic institutions and commercial customers. Together with this company, we have already built a pilot plant that currently produces up to 1,000 tons of NOVIHUM® per year. The planning activities for the first large-scale plant with a capacity of up to 100,000 tons per year have already been completed. EPC Engineering & Technologies offers worldwide turnkey plant construction for this project.

NOVIHUM® is a soil conditioner that is not only environmentally friendly but also makes sense economically – both for farmers and for operators of opencast lignite mines. The lignite is chemically modified and converted into a humus concentrate. In addition, important elements such as nitrogen and carbon are added, which promote plant growth. The patented process transforms lignite into a concentrated, carbon-rich granulate that is no different from the reservoirs of organic matter found in nature’s best soils and is available even in the driest regions.

We as the EPC work here as an exclusive license partner with various companies that use different and innovative means to improve the soil and the harvest have developed.

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